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Evolve your Future - Apprenticeships

eVolve your future ltd

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Evolve your Future with Apprenticeships

Onsite Apprenticeship Training Courses with Online Learning Materials

Apprenticeships have played a pivotal role in upskilling Britain’s youngest full-time workers, and have even helped to turn some businesses around by providing substantial additional capacity at a relatively low cost.

If you employ a mixture of young and old, eVolve can deliver onsite apprenticeship and employee training simultaneously. To qualify for a funded apprenticeship scheme, the candidate has to be between 16 and 23 years of age.

Apprenticeship courses and employee upskilling or reskilling

eVolve  your future works around employers when providing training. All the courses are carried out within the workplace, and trainees access their course resources online. If required, in most cases, we can also include maths, English and ICT (Information Communications & Technology) within this package.

Free recruitment of apprentices

eVolve your future recruits and shortlists apprentices for employers who sign up with them.

Apprenticeships and employee training that focus on business performance

Our most popular courses focus on team leadership and customer service training, business administration and management training. Popular courses for apprenticeships and career development training include:

Customer services level 2 and 3

Business management level 2 and 3

Business administration level 2 and 3

Team leadership level 2.

Each of these courses generally runs over a 12-month period, but clients can choose start dates (unrestricted) – rather than being restricted to academic year timings.

Apprentice age groups and funding

The apprentice framework is divided into two age groups:

  1. Trainees aged 19–23 who do not have a university degree (employers usually have to pay 50% of training costs, which equates to around £1,500–2,000 per annum, but eVolve can sometimes access discounts).
  2. 16–18-year-olds receive fully funded training (although employers generally cover registration, certification and examination fees, which are relatively minor).

Our most popular courses

eVolve your future’s most popular apprenticeship training courses are useful to most types of business and are run over a 12-month period. Clients can choose start dates, rather than being restricted to academic year timings.

Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service
Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service
Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading
Level 3 Diploma in Management
Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration
Level 3 Diploma in Business Management

For more information or to arrange a free consultation, please call us on 01933 358250 or email enquiries@evolveyourfuture.co.uk.