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eVolve your Future - Courses home page

eVolve your future ltd

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eVolve your future - Courses home page

List of Available Training Courses 

If you’re unable to see the course you’re looking for here, please contact us for advice on 01933 358250 or enquiries@evolveyourfuture.co.uk.

  • Microsoft Office courses
  • Bookkeeping and accounting courses
  • Touch typing courses
  • ECDL
  • Shorthand courses
  • Medical secretary training
  • Legal secretary training
  • Self and career development
  • Website designing and building, and digital marketing
  • Professional development
  • Training seminars
  • Diplomas
  • General office skills training
  • Sage accounting and bookkeeping
  • Business management training
  • IT training
  • Awards


Careers Advice and Guidance

eVolve offers free Careers advice to anyone who needs help. Whether you are unemployed, employed or have just taken time out work we will help.

We can:

  • Help you develop and adapt your CV
  • Discuss new career paths and opportunities
  • Complete a skills analysis to find your strengths and weaknesses
  • Help you get back into work
  • Find learning and training that is right for you
  • Improve your reading, writing and maths skills
  • Improve your interview skills and presentation
  • Progress in your current job
  • Help you understand the job market
  • Inform you of disability support and childcare support


Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information


Interested in stepping up your IT Skills?

 ECDL is perfect for those who have already grasped the Basics of IT.

We deliver ECDL at Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2. You will cover the Fundamentls of ECDL, whilst learning how to use the Internet safely. We will also teach you how to use Microsoft Office, ideal for preparing you for the workplace. 


Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information

Level 1 Social Care

This Course is for people who are looking to take a step into starting Social Care work with Adults. The course will introduce to you the adult social care sector and prepare you for work.


The Units that are covered in the course are:







DURATION: 4 weeks

TIME: 09:00am - 4:00pm

Call 01933 358250 to enquire about your eligiblity or to book a place.


Please note that there are limited places available on this course, this is a first come basis.

Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information

CSCS Training

Want to be a builder or Construction Operative?

No construction site now will allow you to work o  site without a CSCS Card.

eVolve your future can help you gain a CSCS Card with Health, Safety and Environment Training. As from the 1st of July 2014 you are now required to completed a Health and Safety course qualification to be able to obtain your CSCS Card. See below for details.


What's included in this course?
A CSCS test and CSCS card
Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment with certificate
Basic knowledge on Health and Safety
Safety Signs and Hazards

Call us on 01933 358 250 to see if you are eligible and book your place. 


Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information

eVolve into work

 The course is designed specifically for your needs.

If you need a qualification to get into work we can help.

We can offer a range of Courses for you.


These include:

  • CSCS Training
  • Food Hygiene 
  • Health and Safety Training
  • First Aid
  • Food Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Social Media
  • IT Training
  • And Many more (drop into eVolve your future for our full list of courses)


Call 01933 358 250 to enquire about how you can enrol on these courses.

Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information

Virtual College

We now have  a range of online courses available to you. Lacking IT skills, need health and safety or a CSCS Card? 

 No problem - our extensive one to one support with our advsiors can help see you through and complete your chosen course.

Take a look on Virtual College now - pick your course and get in touch for us to see whether we can provide you with that course free of charge.

Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information

Basic IT

If you are new to computers and IT then do not worry. We will teach you everything you need to know to get you computer friendly.

This is a short course designed to teach you the very basics. We will show you how to use a mouse and keyboard, how to use the internet for job search and how to use basic features of Microsoft Office.

Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information


 Appeals Process

During your time with us at eVolve your future we hope that you enjoy your learning experience, if however, you do feel that you are being treated unfairly, your work is not being marked correctly or you have any other reason at all to complain we have a very simple procedure for you to follow as we take any complaints or grievances very seriously.

Speak to your tutor to let them know what the problem  is


Speak to the Office Manager or other senior member of staff at eVolve your future


Speak to the Managing Director of eVolve your future who operates an open door policy towards the fair treatment of all learners


Contact the awarding body directly to record your complaint



eVolve your future ltd aims for high standards ensuring client satisfaction and a positive learning experience. This policy is in place to ensure professional management in the event that you feel you have cause to complain.


Informal resolution

If you at any time feel you have reason to complain, in the first instance you should speak to the person involved in the complaint to try and resolve the matter directly. eVolve your future ltd will endeavour at all times to listen and respond in a sympathetic manner and the formal complaints procedure below exists should a more formal approach be required.


Formal Complaints Procedure

In the event that informal resolution of the matter is unsuccessful or considered inappropriate by you or the other person involved in the matter, you may decide to make a formal complaint to a higher level of management.

-      All complaints regarding employees or persons contracted to eVolve should be made to Kay Brockall.

-      The complainant will be asked to provide details of the complaint and the name of the person concerned.

-      Any complaint will be investigated promptly, sensitively, impartially and, as far as practicable, confidentially.

-      If the complaint needs to be taken to a higher level or if the complaint is about the company, eVolve your future ltd will provide the complainant with the contact details of the relevant manager of the contract or provider that has employed eVolve your future ltd to deliver the work in question.

-      eVolve your future ltd will require a third party to represent and witness any discussions regarding a complaint against the company or one of its employees and would recommend that the complainant do the same.

-      All parties involved will be informed of any decisions in writing.

-      A complainant may exercise their right to appeal to the outcome of the complaint and eVolve your future ltd will provide the details to whom the appeal should be addressed if required.

-      The decision reached following the appeal is final and will be confirmed in writing.


Click on an item from the list of courses below to obtain further information