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Evolve your Future - Advice and Guidance

eVolve your future ltd

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Employers Advice

Our aim is to support the careers advice and guidance needs of your employees. It may be that your company is going through a transition period; perhaps redundancies are being considered or you are restructuring.

The following services may be of help:

Guidance interview
This is a one-to-one interaction with a qualified and experienced careers adviser. The session would give the member of staff the opportunity to discuss their options and identify any training needs they may have. If it is a redundancy situation we can ensure that they are aware of all the opportunities available and support them to make a decision and carry it out.

Bespoke workshops
We offer CV or Interview Skills workshops which will be tailored to the needs of the group.

NVQs in Advice and Guidance
These are competence based qualifications for people who are working in an advice and guidance role. See NVQs in Advice and Guidance for more details.

Benefits for you
• Flexible style of learning which mainly takes place on-the-job with some workshops and home study
• Better qualified staff who will hold a nationally recognised qualification
• Upskilled staff capable of working more effectively
• Staff who have undergone this qualification for their professional development will feel valued and therefore  more motivated