Inspection dates: 19-23 August 2013

Inspection report: Nottingham and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Futures (eVolve your future was a main subcontractor)

This inspection: Good-2

Outcomes for learners: Good-2

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment: Good-2

Effectiveness of leadership and management: Good-2

Key findings for learners

Advisers explore customers’ starting points very well to provide realistic and well-informed decisions about future actions needed to achieve agreed goals.

Customers make good improvements in self-esteem, confidence and motivation. They progress well in recognising what they need to do to improve their future career prospects.

A high proportion of customers who have participated in an advice session and been subsequently contacted by the provider (Futures) to assess their progress, have started a learning programme or moved into employment.

Advisers are experienced, well qualified and use their skills expertly to support a wide range of customers who make good progress during and between sessions.

A large majority of information and advice sessions are good or better and prepare customers well to find jobs, move into training or attend further education courses.

Senior leaders have set and communicated a very clear strategic direction, supported by ambitious values and aspirations for all customers that are highly valued and used by staff.

Managers and staff work together very effectively, setting high standards for customers and use particularly good performance management processes to secure improvements.

Management of subcontractors is highly effective in improving the quality of customers’ advice sessions. Quality assurance is comprehensive with a strong focus on self-assessment to raise the standard of service experienced by customers.