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Evolve your Future - Advice and Guidance

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Advice for Parents

Advice for Parents

It’s important for young people to start to be aware of their natural abilities as early as possible. This will sometimes be done through various activities at school, but your child may need some extra help and support.

The first part of the process of making a career decision is to find out what you like doing and what you are good at. This can be done through group activities at school, work experience, part-time work and leisure activities.

It’s also important that young people are aware of all the options which are open to them at each stage of their education so that they can match their own skills to those options and make a well informed choice. They may need support to carry the decision through, to apply to university for example or look for a job.  Career planning skills will be with them for life and help them whenever they have to make a decision.

We have experienced guidance professionals who can guide your son/daughter through this process. Contact us to arrange a guidance interview.