Providing Advice in Schools

Things change so quickly in education it can be difficult to keep up. However, the presence of a structured careers education programme as an integral part of a young person’s education and future. This includes providing the opportunity for everyone to have at least one careers interview by the time they reach year 11.

We can provide this service, on-site, at your school:

  • We have devised 1 and 2 year Careers Education Programmes which use a range of activities to help pupils identify their skills, be aware of the opportunities that will be available to them and help them to make well informed career decisions.
  • Your pupils can also receive an in-depth guidance interview with one of our careers professionals. The adviser will try to establish the pupil’s natural skills and qualities, explore any career ideas they might have and suggest suitable options they could consider. They will write up an action plan and make sure that the student understands what their next steps should be and do a follow-on session if necessary.

Contact us to arrange an informal discussion about how we can help your school.